Farrah hodgson

Confessions of a Single Mother

Talk Show Proposal

I am blessed that you have given us the opportunity to present you with a proposal on the video series you would like to create. We are passionate about the work we do. We are eager to help and hope that this may be the start of an exciting and productive professional relationship.

Project Details


Create an exciting and engaging introduction for the Talk Show.

Film and produce up to six episodes of a question and answer series with single mothers.


​​In order to keep this effort in the desired budget we have laid out some finer details.

1. We will set up and record at least two videos at a time.

2. The client is responsible for creating lines and/or writing script.

3. Props for the set will be provided or paid for by the client.

4. We will provide all filming and audio equipment.

5. Introduction is priced separately.

6. Question response video will be provided to us.

7. Requests for editing revisions may be made up to two times per video.

Examples of our Work


You get my personal passion as well as the full creative efforts of my team.

I only take on projects that align with our core values. Because of this it allows me to bring something intangible to the project. A degree of passion and purpose that works above and beyond to make our projects the greatest success they can be.


It's what sets our work apart from the rest. We focus exclusively in the area of Faith. That could be church events, testimonials, or faith based businesses. If it shines a light on what God is doing we are interested.

Introduction: $100

Each eposode $250


The proposals we create are one price. That way there is no surprises or randomly increased costs. 


In order to pull off a project like this, we need your cooperation, and collaboration before the shoot and on shoot days. We have experiences with working around programming, but it's great to view this as a team effort.



Next step would be to discuss any questions you may have. If we feel this would be a great fit, then we would draft an agreement and proceed from there.



The final deliverable of this project will be an introduction and full talk show episode.

The file will be available in Full HD.

A short social trailer: We also like to included a 30-45 second trailer for various social channels. This video helps to drive traffic and awareness to the full length episode.

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Introduction Example